PCB Gerber for Redboard- DIY Arduino- Make your own Arduino


About the kit: It’s a DIY Arduino kit for beginners, just the name is bit confusing. With a basic knowledge in soldering you can build this.  This is a product designed by Sparkfun. It’s a very easy to build and interesting project for hobbyists. Sparkfun has stopped selling this product. However, a SMD version of this kit is still available.

You can download the gerber and order it from any PCB manufacturing company in China.

A similar product has been made by www.buildcircuit.com using the Eagle files published on sparkfun.com.

This is the kit made by buildcircuit.com. You can still buy this kit at www.buildcircuit.com.au.

You will have to get a FTDI basic breakout board to make it work. You can order a FTDI basic breakout board from this page. 

Let’s see how the Gerber files look:

Order PCB from one of the companies below:
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