• It’s a hub for pcb design
  • Download eagle link
  • com page- affiliate link
  • com- affiliate link
  • Companies page for sample PCB
  • Coupon code page for each companies
  • Blog- articles- how to make PCBs
  • Trademark or Registered PCBgerber
  • Ask companies for free samples
  • Publish from beginning to end how to design pcb to how to order and sell pcbs.
  • Search should have 2 layer and 4 layer pcbs
  • Design 50 simple projects for pcb. Show the videos so that people would visit the website.
  • Get 9% affiliate from eagle: https://www.autodesk.com.au/affiliate-program/overview
  • There might be some other affiliates also.
  • Have a deal with Easyeda.
  • Have a deal with datasheetarcheve company.


  • Contact companies if they are interested
  • Ask companies to send PCB samples
  • Have Amazon affiliate store for all the components or contact with jlcpcb
  • Texas instruments ad or other companies ad
  • Have a deal with Easyeda pcb gerber viewer
  • How to place the order for each companies. Tell this as why you will get ?
  • Tell the companies about the competition.


  • Why would people visit my website ?
  • Discounts and coupons
  • How many people do I need to operate this business ?
  • How to manage people
  • Build simple sensor PCBs and amplifiers from Adafruit and Sparkfun.

What companies will get ?

  • Customers
  • How to order video
  • Company profile
  • PCB samples
  • Demo videos for their PCBs
  • Does this company ship ? proof of image
  • Talk on behalf of the companies


  1. 1st priority should be given to users not companies. If there are users there will be companies.
  2. Stay neutral with all the companies
  3. PCB service- Check and order from companies. I will check and order the PCB. Just extract the gerber and send to companies. We do not check designs, we do not edit designs.
  4. Include all companies including hungary and Finland. Contact all these companies for coupon and discounts.
  5. PCB directory website.


  1. com
  2. Amazon components
  3. Coupon code usage- Find out how other companies make money. How much percentage should be charged.


  • Facebook
  • Adwords
  • Youtube
  • com
  • net
  • Google articles
  • Direct email to fiverr.com
  • Youtube channel
  • Email marketing.

Major tasks:

  1. How much money is required
  2. How much time is required
  3. Who will do this ?
  4. How big this can be ?
  5. Can this be a full time income ?
  6. What is the goal ? is it again part time income ? Think BIG. VERY BIG. Ask whatever money you can.


Why would anyone build if buying is cheaper ?


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